kylie v


Kylie V (they/them) is a queer indie folk/rock musician and songwriter from Vancouver, BC. Their band, affectionately known as Kylie V and the Kings, consists of their friends Beni Hobson-Dimas (he/him, drums) and Cristian Hobson-Dimas (he/him, bass), brothers who are also in the band Sleepy Gonzales.

Kylie V writes personal, emotional, and ethereal songs drawing inspiration from big feelings, dreams, and friendships. Their genre influences range from folk to punk to pop, which helps form a unique and expressive sound.

In December 2018, Kylie released an almost entirely self-performed, recorded, and produced compilation of songs on Bandcamp called "lotus eater". This release has garnered them recognition not only locally but internationally, as a prodigious songwriter and musician. They released a short single called "morel compass" as part of a Kingfisher Bluez compilation alongside friends in 2019. They will be releasing their debut album "Big Blue" on Kingfisher Bluez in 2020.

booking and contact

feel free to contact via instagram or twitter messages!
available to book solo or 3-piece shows.

photography by lauren ray.
special thanks to FACTOR