hey, i'm kylie v. it's short for kylie van slyke. i'm 20, nonbinary, and an aquarius sun and moon, sagittarius rising, enneagram type 4, and songwriter out of psychological necessity. music is the most important thing in my life. i'm really grateful you're here reading this. here's a more professional run-down of my career as an artist and performer, written by my wonderful, talented friend, jacob pascoe:

Kylie V can level you with a single note. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and trained vocalist, Kylie has been writing their own music since they were nine and has been a mainstay fixture in the Vancouver indie music scene since they were fourteen. With their resonant operatic voice, sharp point of view, and appetite for the devastating, Kylie’s discography is a blast of sonorous and explosive indie folk that has cleared a path for them onto some of the most exciting stages in Western Canada.In 2021, they released their debut LP Big Blue produced by Harley Small (Peach Pit, Wallgrin) and solidified a signature blend of sentimental melancholy in this compendium of 11 stories. Ranging from twisted tranquility to cataclysmic crescendoes, over a terrain of barest honesty, pocked with voice messages, surges of rock and roll, and intricate rhythms, Kylie the writer comes into vivid focus. Sitting atop rich instrumentation, these stirring ballads capture the tender perils of love, loss, and sacrifice in acrobatic flips and belts evoking Dolores O’Riordan and Lucy Dacus. After over a million streams, it has firmly established their unique position in the Canadian independent music landscape.Their latest release, The Runaway EP, further compounds their ethereal folk philosophy over four tracks of texturally dense and refrain heavy poetry. Produced with Josh Eastman at Helm Studios (Kimmortal, Sahati) Runaway marks a refined and mature step into a realm of evocative and haunting pop, strung across acoustic landscapes and organic harmonies.Kylie has carved a mythology into their wall of sound; sweet, heart-wrenching, and unmistakable, and building into a beacon of a distinct personality and unflinching perspective.

praise for big blue:
"impresses with its musical sophistication and thematic cohesion." - Exclaim!, 2021
"nominally, it is indie-folk, but if anything, it's the platonic ideal of the form." - KEXP, 2021
praise for lp2:
"unfolds with heart-wrenching and gut-twisting precision" - range, 2023

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