kylie v


kylie v is a young queer and nonbinary solo artist who sings and plays guitar as well as multiple other instruments. they put out their debut release "lotus eater" in december 2018, a self-produced soft indie album combining lush guitar parts and vivid, emotionally expressive lyrics with lo-fi production and haunting yet friendly vocals. drawing inspiration from dreams, people, and fears, they have a unique and charming indie songwriting style and a wide range of genre influences from punk to folk to pop. kylie v has gained a substantial following in the short time they have been a part of the local scene, playing a large volume of shows since their debut in september 2018. their live shows are a special, fun, and personal experience and a chance to watch them grow as a musician. they have a new record coming in 2020 on legendary vancouver indie label kingfisher bluez.

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photo by lauren ray
special thanks to FACTOR